Ski Destinations in the State of Virginia


Wintergreen Resort pic

Wintergreen Resort

Bradford Jacob of Virginia serves as president of EPC Consulting, LLC. Despite having a humid subtropical climate, Virginia is home to a handful of venues where Bradford Jacob can pursue his hobby of skiing. Here is a sampling of locales that will appeal to skiers.

1. Wintergreen Resort: Located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Wintergreen Resort draws skiers with a mountain that rises to 3,515 feet and comprises 25 trails. The resort houses both a terrain and a tubing park, the latter of which is the largest in the state.

2. Bryce Resort: This Basye, Virginia, resort consists mostly of beginner trails, making it a good destination for new skiers. Bryce does maintain some intermediate and advanced trails, however, and highlights of the mountain include a 3,500-foot run.

3. Massanutten Resort: Guests of Massanutten can take in picturesque views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. More important to skiers, Massanutten’s mountain offers a higher vertical rise than any other venue in Virginia.

4. Omni Homestead Resort: Home of both the Sepp Kober Ski School and a learning program for children, Omni’s ski area caters primary to the beginning and intermediate skier. Located in the Allegheny Mountains in Hot Springs, the area typically opens in January and February.

5. Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre: Located on the campus of Liberty University, this nontraditional destination allows for year-round skiing thanks to a synthetic snow-like material known as Snowflex. The first such area in the United States, the complex offers slopes of varying difficulty on a 5,000-acre mountain.


A Skiing Tip – Don’t Look Down

Skiing pic


A Virginia native, Bradford Jacob serves as the president of EPC Consulting, an agency that works with energy and construction clients. In his leisure time in Virginia, Bradford Jacob enjoys a number of outdoor activities, including skiing.

With an opportunity to enjoy lush, powdery landscapes while jetting downhill, it’s no wonder that skiing is a popular pastime. For those looking to get started, however, there is one fundamental principle to keep in mind in order to stay safe and learn the right way to ski: look ahead instead of looking down.

The most common mistake that beginners make, looking down can quickly lead to serious accidents. If you’re looking down at your skis, you’re not looking ahead, which means you can crash into objects or other people.

Fix your eyes approximately 10 feet in front of you while you keep the tips of your skis in your lower peripheral vision. This way you can see where you’re heading while you’re still keeping an eye on your skis.

New President of Virginia State Bar

Virginia State Bar pic

Virginia State Bar

An accomplished attorney, Bradford Jacob serves as the president of EPC Consulting, where he specializes in energy and construction issues. Recognized for his work in high-level cases, Bradford Jacob is admitted to practice in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the Supreme Court.

A longtime supporter of the Virginia legal community, Bradford Jacob has maintained membership in the Virginia State Bar for more than two decades. During its annual conference in June of 2017, the Virginia State Bar saw Doris Henderson Causey assume the role of president for the 2017-18 organizational year.

With a background in civil, family, and poverty law, Causey serves with the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society in her current role as its managing director. As president of the Virginia State Bar, she will be responsible for leading the organization’s legislative and advocacy efforts on behalf of its membership.

Virginia State Bar Urges Lawyers to Avoid Email/Wire Fraud Scams

Virginia State Bar pic

Virginia State Bar

In addition to serving as president of EPC Consulting, LLC, where he provides energy industry and construction consulting, Bradford Jacob is an accomplished litigator admitted to practice in several high-profile courts, including the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Bradford Jacob has been a member of the Virginia State Bar for nearly 25 years.

The Virginia State Bar recently issued a renewed call to vigilance for real estate attorneys in the wake of continued email scams that can lead to compromised bank funds through wire fraud. In some cases, lawyers have had their entire bank accounts wiped out through these scams, which is doubly problematic for lawyers who have a large amount of retainer funds in their bank accounts. In some cases in North Carolina, lawyers were required to spend upwards of six figures reimbursing their clients.

Attorneys in Virginia bear a responsibility to remain aware of the risks of using technology and take the appropriate precautions to prevent client information and funds from being accessed by outside parties. The Bar’s professional conduct standards also call for attorneys to routinely train staff on these matters in order to remain informed about the latest scams and how to avoid them.